Can I use Energy Bar Toolkit with Unity Free/Pro?

Yes, you can! Energy Bar Toolkit works fine with both Unity versions.

Can I use Energy Bar Toolkit to create paid game/presentation/etc.?

You can use Energy Bar Toolkit with any type of project. It can be free, it can be paid, it doesn’t matter. You’re only not allowed to distribute Energy Bar Toolkit sources and files in the form that can be reused.

I am not a programmer. Can I use Energy Bar Toolkit?

Yes! Energy Bar Toolkit doesn’t require any code to setup great progress bars! If you want to setup events based on what’s going on at your scene, you can use built-in Event System or if you have PlayMaker PlayMaker integration package.

Are updates free?

Yes, they are! All updates are available through Unity Asset Store.

Energy Bar Toolkit is the most complete progress bar solution available in the Unity Asset Store. On the main page you can read about the most important fetures. Please also check buttons that are available next to the feature description!

I have a problem/suggestion/something to tell.

You’re welcome! Please write on the forums or you can contact us directly by writing to .

Where can I find integration with NGUI 3.0.0?

It is included in Energy Bar Toolkit package starting from 1.6.6.

My textures are not displaying properly.

Sometimes textures thrown into Energy Bar Toolkit may be displaying with glitches, unwanted pixels, etc. This is because of how you configured your texture importer or Unity version that you are using. Energy Bar Toolkit tries to detect these issues and displays you a fix proposal. Just look at the Inspector of your bar object. In most cases, few clicks on ‘Fix it’ buttons will do.

I see bars in my game view but after building they are no longer visible.

This is a known issue when you’re working with Deferred Lighting. Please take a look at this.

I want to be notified about updates.

There are many ways to do that. When new version of Energy Bar Toolkit is released the information about it is published at:

Subscribe or follow any of them to be always up to date.

I have an issue that is not in the list.

Don’t worry. First make sure that your solution isn’t explained in this documentation. If not, feel free to: