Energy Bar Toolkit now supports PlayMaker!

Available Actions

  • Get Bar Value
  • Get Bar Value Percent
  • Get Bar Displayed Value Percent
  • Get Bar Min Max Value
  • Set Bar Value
  • Set Bar Value Percent
  • Set Bar Min Max Value
  • Change Bar Value
  • Change Bar Value Percent
  • Change Bar Effect Smooth
  • Effect Burn Finished
  • Effect Smooth Finished
  • Get Energy Bar From Spawner
  • Spawn Energy Bar With Spawner


In order to use it you need to:

  • Own PlayMaker license and import it to your project
  • Own Energy Bar Toolkit license and import it to your project
  • Download PlayMaker integration unitypackage file and import it to your project

All actions will be listed under Energy Bar Toolkit category.


When unpacked the integration package you will find example scenes within. Make sure to see these!